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Active For Men
ActiveFor Men
Men and women love this item. Active is a robust compression garment with a ribbed design that withstands unrelenting wear and tear - perfect for the physically active. It is also impressive for its medical effect, comfort and softness. Soft...Made for him but loved by her. A modern flat ribbed look and a unique anatomical foot offer great comfort while providing hydrating properties. Our patented Clima-Comfort (a moisture wicking knit) and Clima-Fresh (an antibacterial process) are present in For Men.



Harmony with Top Band Plus
Harmony with Top BandPlus
Harmony raises the standard in circular knitting with a perfect balance between efficiency and comfort. Harmony's fabric is unique and soft to the touch, clinically effective and easy to apply, and features a new design that incorporates a double...Plus is the best alternative when a firmer knit is required. It provides patients with fashionable graduated compression therapy in a wide range of ready-made styles. The ideal solution and problem solver for fitting issues. Please call for more sizing options beyond what is listed here.



Travel for Him and Her
Travel for Him and Her
Who doesn't travel nowadays? People spend a lot of time traveling in small, confined spaces, whether in a bus, train, plane or car. Travel for Him and Her was designed by a team of physicians, technicians and end users, which guarantees a highly...