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DeVilbiss ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face Mask DeVilbiss NasalFit Deluxe Nasal Mask
DeVilbiss ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face MaskDeVilbiss NasalFit Deluxe Nasal Mask
The ultimate in comfort and performance for CPAP therapy. Maximizes compliance by using a soft silicone cushion with frame stabilizer that redistributes pressure evenly over a large surface areaThe NasalFit Deluxe EZ CPAP Mask has a soft silicon cushion, comfortable forehead plate with silicon pad, and a 360° rotational elbow, which are designed to increase comfort, compliance, and mask stability. Adjustable headgear, easy to assemble...



DeVilbiss V2 Full Face Mask
DeVilbiss V2 Full Face Mask
The V2 full face CPAP mask has been redesigned to be more comfortable and provide a stable seal for a wider array of facial profiles. These improvements include incorporating a membrane inside the cushion for an improved seal.